Order Tracking and Proofing Software

About Us

Message from the CEO and Founder, David Fricke:

ProofWorks was designed by our own graphics company when we could not find anything that fit our needs.  Either it was too basic or too many features that put the cost out of reach.

The majority of graphics companies out there are small local businesses and cannot afford thousands a month for a fully featured system.  Even if there were one out there, we would go broke just trying to manage our invoices.

That's when I decided to build our own.  Built from scratch, I decided to use my background in IT and technology to develop an inexpensive solution, while offering a fully featured suite of features and keeping the price affordable.  And ProofWorks was born.

Initially, it was just an order tracking application.  Something that would allow us to NOT lose a customer order.  Or just keep things organized.  We kept adding and adding features, even adding real-time credit card processing.  And now we want to offer it to other graphics companies.  With your help, we can continue to grow, adding the features that YOU want.

Remember... We don't want to compete with your graphics company.  The system is completely private labeled to YOUR company at no additional cost.  We want to use our experience to HELP you grow!

Should you have any questions about ProofWorks or how the system works, please contact me directly at dave@proofworks.com.