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ProofWorks Features and Overview

Order Tracking & So Much More

Proof Works is a full-featured cloud based order tracking system that has a ton of features. Unlike others, we listen to our customers and add the features they want to see. From basic order entry to online payments and design proofing. Keep track of your in-house and outsourced jobs in one easy to use package.

Designed For The Graphics Industry, By The Graphics Industry

Proof Works was designed by a company that has been in the graphics industry for over 8 years. We tried many different billing and invoicing systems and nothing fit. They were limited on what you could do and they refused to add any features to make our life easier. So 3 years ago we started designing Proof Works. Programmed in-house, we were able to add and modify features on the fly, adding what we wanted, when we wanted. Built from the ground up, we’ve now created a software package that fits. And if you see a feature you want that we don’t have, we’ll add it!


Order Tracking
Every order has a web based page in which the customer can view the status of their order in real time. They can view order details, make payments, download invoices, track shipments, and make updates.
Your customer can download PDF invoices complete with payment stubs and an online portal to pay by credit card.  Increase your payment conversions.
Customer Information System
Keep track of all your customers and contacts. Separate and search by retail, wholesale, and tax exempt. Keep notes and multiple contacts.
Create, view and send order estimatse.
Track expenses by vendor. Search and report to keep your vendors honest.
Inventory Tracking
Track inventory with multiple price tiers. Save product photos and information which can be emailed right to a potential customer with one click.
Scratch Design
Sketch out scratch designs for project concepts. Saved right with the order for easy reference.
Proof Approvals
Upload and track design proofs. No more customers trying to get you to reprint because of errors on the design. Secure design proofing.
Customer Notes
Record and share customer notes among employees. Set followup times for alerts.
Credit Card Processing
Integrated Credit Card Processing with Stripe Payments.
Advanced reports for sales tax, aging, and general accounting. Instant Sales Tax reporting to make filing easier.
Salesperson Reporting
Track sales and commissions by employee.


Feature List

This feature list is growing daily.  Just because you don't see it here, doesn't mean we don't have it.  If you're looking for a specific feature, please email info@proofworks.com and we'll add it.  ProofWorks is designed to help you run your business efficiently.
  • Wholesale and Retail Pricing Methods
  • Basic and Advance Pricing Matrix
  • Multiple Sales Tax Rate Selector
  • Online Payment Processing
  • In-Person Payment Processing
  • Integrated Stripe Credit Card Merchant Processing
  • Digital Order Delivery Signatures
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Easy Sales-Tax Reporting
  • Customer Notes and Follow-Up Tags
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Salesperson Tracking
  • Sq/Ft and Ln/Ft Pricing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Employee Account Management
  • Custom Order Status Control
  • Private Label Branding
  • Direct Online Ordering (coming soon)
  • Send Customer Product Info via Email with One Click
  • Order Estimates and Drafts
  • View All Orders in One View
Do you accept credit card processing?
Yes! ProofWorks handles credit card processing through Stripe, Inc. Stripe offers a 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction, no setup/monthly/hidden fees, paying only for what you use, and real-time fee reporting.
Do I need to download anything to use ProofWorks?
No, the beauty of ProofWorks is that the system is entirely housed off site on our secure servers. The main benefits to this are: you can access your ProofWorks anywhere in the world with an internet connection, if your computer fails in your business you still have access to ProofWorks without the worry of losing any information, and while working with potential customers offsite you can enter in an order and take payments right then and there.
Does ProofWorks offer online proofing?
Yes! With ProofWorks you can not only create a new customer, create an order for that customer, receive payment online from the customer, but also you can create a proof for your customer to either accept or request changes. Long gone are the days of emailing proofs back and forth, while possibly forgetting about an approval and missing out on the job. ProofWorks order tracking system allows anyone from sales to designer to production to see that an order is approved and can be manufactured. After all everyone being on the same page equals increased productivity which means more cash to the bottom line.
Can I add my own products into ProofWorks?
You sure can! We developed ProofWorks to be versatile in an industry that is ever evolving. You can easily add your own products, descriptions, pricing, and discount tiers. You also have the ability to make an inventory item active or not, an example for this use might be seasonal items.
I generally charge by the square foot, can Proofworks handle that?
Absolutely! When you setup an inventory item in ProofWorks you get full control over how that item is priced. Do you have an item that you charge by the linear foot, square foot, or square inch and wish you could have an ordering system that handled those variables with ease? ProofWorks can take care of your various products calculations giving you accurate and reliable pricing for your customers.
Can I create financial reports with ProofWorks?
Yes! We've made those end of month reports for sales tax easy for you. With a couple clicks of the mouse you'll know exactly what you owe in sales taxes each month. You can also see the sales taxes owed by region if your state has various tax rates per city.
Does ProofWorks track my sales force performance?
Keeping track of sales performance is a key to success in any business. With ProofWorks you can easily keep a close eye on overall performance of your sales force and quickly determine how much commission is due based on sales.
Can I expand the number of users to my ProofWorks account?
At any point you can request for more user access to your account, you can click here for a breakdown of our pricing system and choose what works for you. As your company grows ProofWorks can grow right there with you.
Does ProofWorks track various order status'?
A great feature of ProofWorks is to not only track and change the status of an order, but you can also quickly filter all open orders to get a glimpse of the current state of production in your company.
Does ProofWorks accept partial payments?
Yes, with ProofWorks you will easily be able to accept and track all payments attached to any order. This feature works if you manually enter a payment or if the customer pays via the web portal for their order (currently a customer must request to make a partial payment via the web portal).
Can I manage my customer list in ProofWorks?
Absolutely, we built ProofWorks to keep tabs on everything you need to keep your business running. Customers can now be added, edited, and searched through to help you quickly and easily start a new project or look up a past one.
Does ProofWorks have an online design sketch system?
Yes, long gone are the days of scratching out a quick concept on a piece of paper only to lose it and try to remember what it is that you and the client discussed. With ProofWorks right there within the order you can pull up a scratch pad and have it saved directly to the order.
Does ProofWorks provide customer alerts?
One of the great features of ProofWorks is the customer notes section. Now your sales team can add a note pertaining to a lead or contact, setup a follow up notification alert, and schedule meetings all within ProofWorks. Customer notes can also be shared down to the production team who might need vital information about the client, such as "customer prefers deliveries on Wednesdays only".
I use both wholesale and retail pricing, does ProofWorks allow for this?
Yes! When adding products or services you have the ability to enter in both pricing tiers but that's not the best part about it. When adding customers into the system you can select whether or not they are a wholesale customer, the prices will automatically reflect that selection on the invoicing.
Some of my products are single cost while others are quantity dependent, can I do this in ProofWorks?
You sure can, it's as simple as selecting the proper pricing structure when adding or editing one of your products. There you can set quantity breaks or leave it as a simple one priced product no matter how many are ordered.
Does ProofWorks handle various sales tax rates?
Yes, you have the ability to add sales tax rates at your discretion. If you operate where tax rates can vary from city to city you will love this feature. Not only will you ensure you are not over taxing or under taxing a customer, you can also pull a report based on tax regions which can be very helpful if the IRS decides to pay a visit.
We have a storefront, can I still accept payments in person through ProofWorks?
Absolutely, you can still manually enter in credit card information into an order to take payments in person.
Am I stuck with the order status' labels that come with ProofWorks?
Nope! We understand that each shop might have their own lingo for the status of an order, with ProofWorks you have full control on what you what those labels to be. You also have the control over that colors of the status' and where they fall in the drop-down lists.

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